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Some time ago we did a radio campaign and posted some handouts on the I5 PC site. Some handouts are intended to be printed off for everyone in your office (for example, the UPS handout). Feel free to make copies for your staff. Just remember that these are copyrighted materials.

Topic Handout

UPS (Battery Backup)


Network Documentation

Network Documentation

Faxing From The Server

Faxing From The Server



Old Servers

Old Servers

Safe Browsing

Safe Browsing *Extremely Important: Hand out to your staff!

Managed Services

Managed Services. Also see

Virus Scanners

Anti-Virus Handout *Important: Hand out to your staff!

Small Business Specialists

Certified Small Business Specialist

Using Certified Professionals

Certified Small Business Specialist

Service Agreements

Service Agreement Handout

Disaster Planning

DRP Basics Handout

Picking Good Passwords

Password Picking Handout *Important: Hand out to your staff!

Effective PowerPoint

Death by PowerPoint

I grant a license for you to print off copies of these handouts for your employees, but not for you to use in any money-making venture.

In other words, you can copy these off for your self, your staff, and even your clients. May may not sell these individually or as a group.

Thank you for respecting this copyright.


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