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Focus: Small Businesses of all kinds. Focus: Small Business I.T. Consulting Companies. Focus: Small Business I.T. Consulting Companies.
  • Battery Backups

  • Virus Scanners

  • Good Laser Printer

  • Death by PowerPoint

  • Disaster Recover Basics

  • Certified Small Business Specialists

  • More!

  • Blog: Small Biz Thoughts

  • Relax Focus Succeed

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  • Books, including . . .

  • The Network Documentation Workbook

  • Managed Services in a Month!

  • Books, Audio CDs, Videos, blogs, and more

  • Podcasts focused on Cloud Services

  • Book: Service Agreements for SMB Consultants

  • Special Webinars and Live Seminars!

After many years of using this site to collect leads for my I.T. Consulting Business, I am morphing it to simply provide a few good resources and send you on your merry way.

Three Audiences

As my life and businesses have evolved, I find myself supporting three primary audiences. Okay, maybe four.

1. I write books and provide technican and business training for small computer consultants who want to improve their businesses.

2. I write books and provide training on personal motivation and sucess, intended for a broad audience.

3. I help authors and publishers find success through training on promotional activities and strategies.

4. Okay, four. I continue to work with America's Tech Support to provide technical support to small businesses around the U.S.


-- karlp

If you're a fellow Technology Consultant, you're probably looking for the Consulting Practices area. You'll find great tips on running the business part of your business. We don't offer guru tech tips here. This is strictly advice on making your Small Business I.T. Consulting practice more professional, more profitable, and more fun.

Technology Consultants will also want to check out the Consulting Resources area for information on sales tools, network documentation procedures, and more.


Here's a Bit of What I'm Up To:

Small Biz Thoughts - A Blog for computer consultants, managed service providers, and small businesses generally. read more

Publish Your First Book - As the author of nine books, and publisher of more than a dozen, here's my cut-to-the-chase advice on how to produce a professional looking more

Relax Focus Succeed®- My philosophy on personal growth. How to improve your personal and professional lives and be happier with both. read more

SMB Community Podcast - Podcasts dedicated to educating small I.T. service providers on the opportunities available today in managed services and cloud services. Free! read more

Weekly Email for Computer Consultants - Join Karl's email list to keep up on the news, events, and opinions related to the Small and Medium I.T. Consulting world. Read more



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This site is primarily intended as a resource for Small Businesses and the I.T. Consultants who serve them. It is hosted by Great Little Book Publishing Co., Inc. of Sacramento, CA. For more information on GLB, visit



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